Topology rocks: Talks, workshops, and more

Topology holds the key to explain many relevant phenomena in the real world; the perspective of looking at foundational information, such as connectivity, can result in stable summaries of a data set. But enough about that pitch, you probably agree that topology rocks if you found your way here!

This page contains some of my talks, presentations, and links to other things I am organising, such as machine learning outreach programmes. Feel free to use any illustrations from the slides—as long as you attribute me as the original creator. If you want to get the original sources of the graphics, just reach out to me.

I try to record my talks as much as possible, so be sure to check out my YouTube channel for more content!

(Also feel free to visit the rest of this website for more academic content; most of my publications deal with topological concepts one way or the other.)



  • ‘Topological Data Analysis for Machine Learning’ at ECML PKDD 2020
    Topological Machine Learning is a nascent domain of machine learning research that employ concepts from (applied) topology to improve or analyse machine learning models. I gave a four-part tutorial on this topic for a general computer science audience that was not necessarily exposed to the mathematical background.