I can be reached at:

Building BSD, room 2/038
Mattenstrasse 26
4058 Basel

My preferred e-mail address is bastian@rieck.me. See below for more ways of contacting me, or use one of the shiny buttons from above to visit another one of my internet profiles.

A current academic curriculum vitæ is available.


I have a master’s degree in mathematics (with a minor in computer science) and a Ph.D. in computer science. My thesis deals with analysing complex data sets using methods from topological data analysis. While initially interested in visualization and perception, I have since expanded my domain of interest and started working more in machine learning. See my research page for more information about this.

Personal & social media

There are some other facets of my online life:

  • I maintain a blog that contains some documentation about things I have learned or my opinion about software development and research.
  • I have a profile on ResearchGate for collecting publications and simplifying academic exchanges.
  • I have a Twitter account although I don’t even know how this Twitter thing is supposed to work.
  • I have a GitHub account that contains my papers and personal projects.

You won’t find me on Facebook, because I dislike it. Since my name is not that unique, Facebook profiles of Bastian Rieck might exist, but I am not affiliated with any of them.

The non-serious parts

I maintain a Geek Code, i.e. a pithy description of who I am in terms of the whole geek culture thing:

Version: 3.12
GM/CS d-(++) s-: a>? C++>++++ UL++ P++ L++ E--- W++ N o? K
w O? M+ V? PS+@ PE- Y+>++ PGP++>+++ t+@ 5? X R* !tv
b++>++++ DI+ D+ G++>++++ e++++>* h* r*>+++ y?

I am also a big proponent of Web π, also known as Web 3.14159…, the natural successor of Web 2.0.

If I was an operating system, I would be Slackware Linux, apparently:

You are Slackware Linux. You are the brightest among your peers, but are often mistaken as insane.  Your elegant solutions to problems often take a little longer, but require much less effort to complete.
Which OS are You?


If you want to contact me, please send an e-mail to bastian@rieck.me or bastian@annwfn.net. For encrypted communication, please use my public key and GnuPG. I also use numerous messengers on my smartphone, such as Signal, Telegram, Threema, and, if need be, WhatsApp. You can find one of my mobile numbers in my curriculum vitæ.