Bastian Rieck

A recent portrait of me

Welcome to my personal and academic space! I am the Principal Investigator of the AIDOS Lab at the Institute of AI for Health and the Helmholtz Pioneer Campus of Helmholtz Munich, focusing on topology-driven machine learning methods in biomedicine.

I also have the honour to be a TUM Junior Fellow and a member of ELLIS; moreover, it is my pleasure to serve as a co-director of AATRN, the Applied Algebraic Topology Research Network. Among other things, I have the pleasure of maintaining DONUT - The Database of Original & Non-Theoretical Uses of Topology, which is based on a well-curated list of publications, created by Barbara Giunti.

Previously, I was a senior assistant in the Machine Learning & Computational Biology Lab of Prof. Dr. Karsten Borgwardt at ETH Zürich. I obtained my Ph.D.  in computer science from Heidelberg University, which is where I also got my diploma in mathematics.

This site contains some things I care about.

Research content

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Other content

  • If you are a student interested in working with me, please check out my notes for potential collaborations.
  • I have a lot of great colleagues and friends who helped me get to where I am today; I keep track of this in a dedicated site about the acknowledgements for my career.