Notes for potential student collaborators

If you are a student and want to work with me on a project, I would be happy to hear from you! Here are some notes for potential collaborations.

Topics of interest

To get an understanding of what types of projects I like to do, please take a look at my research interests or my publications. This should give you a rough idea of what topics I like to think about.

In case you want to pitch something that is not aligned with my current research interests—or does not appear to be aligned with them upon first glance—feel free to reach out anyway! I am always happy to expand my horizons, but I want to have a rough understanding of the domain before committing to a new project. This is because I fundamentally believe in being a good mentor through competence; if I am completely ignorant of a topic, I cannot provide a lot of guidance.


I receive a lot of requests for internships. Unfortunately, I cannot take any interns at the moment.

Lab rotations

For certain majors at ETH Zurich, it is customary to do a lab rotation, i.e. a short research stay in a lab of your choice. If you are interested in doing a lab rotation in the MLCB Lab, please reach out to me or my colleagues.