2023 in Numbers

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I am not a big believer of KPIs for academia because I am familiar with
Goodhart’s law, which states that ‘when a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.’ A collection of numbers always struck me as a very dry way to summarise things, neglecting completely the emotional roller coasters that are involved in their creation. Nevertheless, here is my attempt at summarising a full year of science and family, mostly so I have something to report to my directors who care a lot about KPIs.

In 2023, we…

  • …published 12 conference or journal papers
  • …published 2 workshop papers
  • …wrote 8 preprints
  • …started preparing 2 other preprints

Our research group also…

  • …had 4 academic visitors
  • …graduated 4 students (congrats to Barış, Franz, Kalyan, and Niklas)
  • …graduated 1 Ph.D. student (congrats to Corinna)

Apparently, I also wrote about 182,569 words, give or take a few, in my personal lab book and the associated document repository, which includes letters of recommendations, reviews, and general notes.1

On the personal level, I unfortunately had to say my final farewells to one family member—my grandfather passed away—and one member of our community—Frank H. Lutz. I am grateful that these sad events were contrasted by the birth of my son Andrin. As a birthday gift, I dedicated a paper to him; I hope he will like it.

Wishing everyone the best for 2024!

  1. This number does not include papers or presentations, but it is still skewed to a certain extent by including raw word counts of .tex files, for instance. ↩︎