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Every once in a while, I re-evaluate my policy of not having public comments. Originally instituted because I was unable to find a privacy-preserving service for handling comments in a way that is compatible with my high standards for never tracking my readers, this blog has not had any public comments since 2006. What amazes me, though, in light of Twitter discourses—and other social media—is the high quality of comments that I receive via e-mail! Such e-mails are not frequent, but I treasure every one of them since it illustrates that I provided some utility to someone else. So, if you find the contents useful, please feel free to drop me an e-mail anytime. I am always intrigued to learn about other perspectives that help me improve my writing and my outlook on life.

Interestingly, I never received any bad feedback about this website via e-mail. This is one of the nice side-effects of blogging without comments: even if you find the content absolutely inane, the hurdle to firing off an e-mail that only reaches me is too high. Contrast that to the usual posturing and vitriol one finds in the comments section of newspapers, larger blogs, and, of course, other social media sites.

So, dear reader(s), thank you for bearing with me all the time, and thanks for reaching out. I cherish each interaction!