EtherCurve, a tool for visualizing network packets

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I just put the finishing touches (for now) on a small visualization project of mine. EtherCurve is a tool that uses a space-filling Hilbert curve to visualize packets in your network. Packets are scaled by their sizes and coloured using a qualitative colour map that can be custommized easily.

I wrote this mainly to get acquainted with libpcap and parts of Qt5. I also have a secret passion for fractal curves and yearn to use them in more projects. For my current research, they have already been of some use in a joint project, but the idea for EtherCurve is even older. As you can see from the git log, I wrote this more in spurts than in sprints

See the project page of EtherCurve for usage instructions and related information (and some screenshots!) or take a look at the git repository of EtherCurve.