Web 2.0 mortuus est, vivat Web 3.14159…

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Tired of all the fuss about Web 2.0, I decided to proudly announce Web 3.1459…, also known as Web Pi or Web π. Web 3.14159… is clearly superior to Web 2.0 for many reasons (i.e. because I say so).

More information about Web 3.14159… is available on a site that does not use JavaScript or Flash, but simply delivers its content.

If you want to show your support for Web 3.14159…, simply download one of the graphical logos (or design your own) and let your visitors know how hip you are. Domain owners might also create an appropriate subdomain and host some information about Web 3.14159… there.

If you like this idea, spread it around the intertubes and link directly to http://web3.14159.annwfn.net.