GnuCash and the Euro currency symbol

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Having used GnuCash for a long time, I was quite startled when the € symbol was not displayed properly anymore (after a make buildworld odyssey). Instead, all I got was “Eu”. Ironically, every other currency seemed to work properly.

A vicious attack on the currency of many countries? Probably led by a cabal trying to undermine the world’s economics?


Just a glitch in the locale settings: Changing the second line in /usr/share/locale/de_DE.UTF-8/LC_MONETARY to “€” brought the currency back. Keep in mind that you might have other locale settings; find them out by entering locale in your terminal and change the appropriate file.

Back to managing money. By the way, did you know that Thursdays are really, really bad? According to GnuCash, these are the days where I tend to spend more money than usual. Interesting.