Hyppolyta (or: How to scan your book collection)

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It started as a simple idea: Use a barcode scanner to sort a collection of books. Of course, the idea grew and became much more versatile and interesting.

And now I finally managed to upload all information about a project that has been on my agenda for several weeks. The program is called Hyppolyta; it is a simple Perl script. If you are armed with a barcode scanner and lots of books (or other items of value that have a barcode), this project could be very interesting for you.

You are able to download the program from its project page. The project page also contains a simple documentation that should be read before using Hyppolyta.

Essentially, the program is finished, but to facilitate things, several helper/wrapper applications might be added “real soon now”. It is therefore advisable to come back for updates.

You are, as always, encouraged to change the source code if you think some part should be rewritten. It would be nice, however, if you notified me of changes so that they are available in the “official version”, too.