What am I doing right now?

I am currently living in Basel, a beautiful & quaint city in Switzerland, where I am employed as a senior assistant in the Machine Learning & Computational Biology Lab of Prof. Dr. Karsten Borgwardt at ETH Zürich.

The small picture

Professionally, I am dividing my time between research and software development. I am primarily interested in developing new tools for personalised medicine, which are ideally based on topological machine learning methods. Luckily, this gives me ample opportunities to hone my programming skills.

The big picture

I am also ruminating about new directions for machine learning, not only in the sense of finding new promising fields for future research, but also in terms of how to…

  1. combat the hectic ‘publication grind’, which might lead to low-quality science, and
  2. ensure that my research remains relevant and impactful.

Moreover, I am taking a deep dive into efficient leadership and the art of building amazing teams.