I attended a nice lecture about Computer Graphics. We were given several interesting assignments each week (mostly C/C++ with GLUT). I recently dug out some of my programs and decided to share them with the world. If I find anything else, I will expand this section.

The code below has been polished a bit and is hereby released under a BSD licence. The licence and copyright do not extend to the time routine, which has been supplied by my instructors.


gl_maze is my lame attempt at creating the next generation of lame video games. The assignment covered keyboard functions using GLUT, but I got carried away and added a maze to the program (a maze should be part of all bigger software packages, in my opinion. That would be a-maze-ing.). Included in the download is also a kind of background story about the "game". By the way: The algorithm used to create the maze is known as "hunt and kill".


gl_particles is a very simple particle system using OpenGL and GLUT. This program shows a fountain-like thingy that constantly spawns new particles. Quite soothing, actually, if you look long enough at it.


gl_photon_map creates a photon map for a static scene (whose data is hard-coded). The scene resembles the famous Cornell Box. If you run the application, a number of photons will be emitted from the light source. This photon map is then drawn.