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A netctl profile for ETH Zurich
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Baby steps with `libclang`: Counting function extents
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Network sockets—an ordeal (starring C++11)
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Persistent undo functionality in vim
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Of type lists and type switches
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Preventing hotlinking from certain domains
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Building a FreeBSD NAS, part III: ZFS
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Extracting audio from DVD images
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Making `logrotate` and Webalizer play nice
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Simple backups with `Obnam`
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Building a FreeBSD NAS, part II: Base system setup
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Building a FreeBSD NAS, part I: The hardware
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Tools for writing a diploma thesis
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Setting up an XMPP server with Prosody
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Serving git repositories the smart way
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Writing a diploma thesis
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Moving from NanoBlogger to ikiwiki
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IPv6 with FreeBSD and m0n0wall
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New HOWTO and some resolutions
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Using the Microsoft Windows 7 Boot Manager to boot FreeBSD
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SSH tunneling for web surfing
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Running SAP GUI for Java under FreeBSD
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Netgear WG311T under FreeBSD
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Integrating Dokuwiki and phpBB2
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Installing FreeBSD on a Thinkpad R50e
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WPA with FreeBSD 6.0
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Linksys WPC54G under FreeBSD
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Using vpnc with the University of Heidelberg
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