It actually worked, my Soekris accepted the Kernel and the system. FreeBSD runs very smooth (because the kernel is rather slim) and the overall performance is overwhelming.

First, the Soekris was meant to work as a printer-server, but I discovered that the printers I'd like to use don't work with CUPS. Crap. However, thanks to a JetDirect card I bought from eBay, at least the HP Laserjet 2100 can be used in our LAN. For now, the Soekris runs dnsmasq, thttp and ssh. I settled for IP Filter and IP NAT to enable the Soekris to act as a network gateway.

For those who are interested, I am going to upload some of my configuration files which you might use for your own setups. I have created a separate page for the Soekris project. To get you started, I recommend the miniBSD Guide. My install procedure is not much different, except that I copied more or less everything on the CF Card to make the image more flexible.

Right now, I am working on a small traffic counter application that can generate HTML statistics so that "my" users always know how much traffic has already been generated. Unfortunately, our local ISP doesn't offer flatrate internet connections...